Go, you chicken fat, go away! Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/ Mon, 11 Nov 2019 20:07:48 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Sat, Nov 09, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-09-2019.html <p>I have not been able to run the past few days because my back has been hurting so bad.&nbsp; I texted the team yesterday.&nbsp; Only Maggie said she was going to come.&nbsp; And she ended up cancelling this morning due to &quot;woman issues&quot;, whatever that means.&nbsp; So my wife and I headed up to Usery shortly after 5:30am.&nbsp; I wasn&#39;t sure how my back would do, so I went as slow as possible.&nbsp; Vickie had a minute or two head start on me.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t catch her until after a half mile.&nbsp; She stayed pretty close to me as I was afraid to run very fast.&nbsp; I decided I would do 2 miles up and come back, but my back started to hurt.&nbsp; I kept pushing myself, and then I saw some wild Salt River horses.&nbsp; I crossed the street and took some pictures.&nbsp; My wife caught up to me.&nbsp; I figured this was a good place to turn around.&nbsp; She wanted to keep going so she told me to call her when I was done.&nbsp; I slowly made my way back down.&nbsp; When I was done, I called her and she said she was feeling good and wanted to keep going.&nbsp; So I hung out in the Jeep for a while playing Words with Friends.&nbsp; Then I went for a hike in the desert to see if I could find more horses.&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t.&nbsp; My wife texted me when she was 3/4 of a mile away, so I turned around.&nbsp; She ended up beating me back to the Jeep, and we drove back home, but I kept my eyes open for horses.&nbsp; I spotted some by the new stop sign they installed.&nbsp; We stopped to take more pictures.&nbsp; Then we drove back and saw some more about a quarter mile down the road.&nbsp; We stopped again and followed them until they reached the other group of horses.&nbsp; There was 22 total.</p> Sat, 09 Nov 2019 07:00:00 Tue, Nov 05, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-05-2019.html <p>I took yesterday off because the bottoms of my feet are pretty torn up and sore from the trail running.&nbsp; I have a couple of blisters.&nbsp; But I dont&#39; want to lose any of my fitness, so I went out today.&nbsp; I coughed up some gunk, but that&#39;s a good thing.&nbsp; My feet were feeling fine while running.&nbsp; I was looking for coyotes, but didn&#39;t see any.&nbsp; They&#39;re good hiders.&nbsp; I did see a lady cross the Floodway with her unleashed dog.&nbsp; I thought that wasn&#39;t a good idea, even though the coyotes generally leave you alone.&nbsp; But that have been following some people, I hear.&nbsp; Anyway I got about a half mile in, and I heard a siren.&nbsp; This made a coyote start to howl.&nbsp; Normally they yip, but I would consider this a howl.&nbsp; So, I immediately stopped and looked for it.&nbsp; I still couldn&#39;t see it.&nbsp; I could see the lady walking on the other side of the Floodway and hoped she would put her dog on a leash now that she could hear the coyote.&nbsp; But she didn&#39;t.&nbsp; I continued running and crossed over to the other side of the Floodway heading towards her now.&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t see her dog anywhere.&nbsp; I&#39;m like, are you crazy lady?&nbsp; She started to head back in to the Floodway, and I was afraid I&#39;d have to chase the coyotes away from her dog, and hoped it wouldn&#39;t be too late.&nbsp; But when I finally saw her again, both she and her dog were safely on the other side of the Floodway.&nbsp; So that&#39;s good.</p> <p>When I got done running, my lower back started to hurt.&nbsp; I hope it doesn&#39;t get worse.&nbsp; Sore backs are the worst!<br /> &nbsp;</p> Tue, 05 Nov 2019 07:00:00 Sat, Nov 02, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-02-2019.html <p>Ragnar #32</p> <p>Last year I jumped on a team last minute-ish to run this relay.&nbsp; I had missed it the two previous years, but was feeling pretty good last year, and didn&#39;t want to miss it again.&nbsp; The team that I joined was an RWB team out of Sierra Vista.&nbsp; They actually had three teams, and this year they put together four teams.&nbsp; Scott, Victor, and Joshua, were returning from last year.&nbsp; Theresa from last year was on another one of the teams.&nbsp; The other three didn&#39;t come.&nbsp; In their place was Victor&#39;s wife, Brenda, newcomers Lulu and Jackie, and returning from last year, but on a different team, Katherine.</p> <p>The order we ran in was Brenda, Joshua, Chris, Lulu, Jackie, me, Katherine, and Victor.&nbsp; Everyone was able to run all of their legs without a problem.&nbsp; Joshua even picked up an additional leg from one of the other teams.&nbsp; Joshua was our fastest runner, followed shortly by Victor.&nbsp; But Victor was having stomach issues, so he struggled on one of his legs, but still ran faster than me.&nbsp; Being runner #6 means I started with the red loop, then the yellow loop, and finally the green loop.</p> <p>My boys had a survey Friday morning, so I had them drop me off on their way.&nbsp; I saw Rae checking in the vehicles and charging everyone the park entrance fee of $10.&nbsp; The line was a little longer than I though it would be, but we finally got to the gear drop and it ended up being right in front of our campsite.&nbsp; Lucky.&nbsp; I took my gear to camp and was surprised that I actually got there in time to see Brenda start us out.&nbsp;</p> <p>I did a lot of sleeping.&nbsp; I took about an hour nap before my first run.&nbsp; I ate a light lunch around 11am.&nbsp; I don&#39;t like running with a lot of food in my belly, but you need to eat something.&nbsp; I finally started my red loop at 2:39pm.&nbsp; It was warm.&nbsp; Probably about 80&ordm;.&nbsp; I&#39;m used to that kind of heat, even though it&#39;s cooling down here, so it wasn&#39;t too bad, but I believe it did slow me down some.&nbsp; The red loop is the longest loop.&nbsp; 6.73 miles.&nbsp; I ran it 46 seconds slower per mile than last year.&nbsp; I felt strong going up the hill, but just like last year, when I reached the water station around mile 4.3, it was hard to start running again.&nbsp; I finally convinced myself that I could do it, but I had to take off my shirt because I felt like my nipple was going to explode soon if I didn&#39;t.&nbsp; There&#39;s a hairpin turn around mile 5.5.&nbsp; I had to walk some of that briefly, but after that I had no problem finishing up.&nbsp; I put my shirt back on about a quarter mile from the finish line.&nbsp; I saw my friend Josh (a different Josh, from the Adventure Run) while he was running the green loop.&nbsp; I gave him a fist bump as he passed me.&nbsp; When I finished and handed the bib off to Katherine, I apologized.&nbsp; She thought I was apologizing for being slow, but it was for sweating all over the bib.</p> <p>I decided it would be a good idea to eat dinner as soon as possible right after running.&nbsp; There were food trucks of all kinds and we got a dinner included with our race entry.&nbsp; I wanted to get a gyro sandwich, but the line was real long, so I ended up getting a Sicilian mac &#39;n cheese bowl.&nbsp; It has Italian sausage, grilled onions, and tomatoes.&nbsp; It was delicious, but 6.7 miles in the heat wiped me out, and I couldn&#39;t finish it for lack of appetite.&nbsp; But one of my favorite parts of the race happened during dinner.&nbsp; I met another blogger in real life.&nbsp; And yes, nobody blogs anymore, but it still counts whether they actively blog, quit blogging, or even just created a blog and never made an entry.&nbsp; If there&#39;s anyone I&#39;d really like to meet in real life that I haven&#39;t yet other than allie, it would be this guy.&nbsp; <a href="http://twinkies.fastrunningblog.com/">Twinkies</a>!!!</p> <p><img alt="" src="https://dgtzuqphqg23d.cloudfront.net/5pwTl6LHnJdracSv1tBZXijE2ltQCfsg0lVATvvfvUY-2048x1536.jpg" style="width: 1024px; height: 768px;" /></p> <p>I also got to meet his lovely wife, <a href="http://susie.fastrunningblog.com/">Susie</a>, who was once upon a time a blogger herself.&nbsp; Apparently I passed Susie on my first loop.&nbsp; She remembered my orange outfit.</p> <p>After dinner I took another nap.&nbsp; It started getting cold when the sun went down so I put my sweats and sweat shirt on.&nbsp; About an hour before it was my turn to run again I rolled out of my sleeping bag and got ready.&nbsp; I took off my sweats and sweat shirt and found that I was actually hot even though it was cold.&nbsp; Menopause, I guess.&nbsp; On my way to the transition tent, I saw Kelli.&nbsp; I can&#39;t hyperlink her anymore because she&#39;s deactivated her blog, but I gave her a side hug and talked to her for a few minutes.&nbsp; Now it was time for the yellow loop.&nbsp; Jackie handed off to me and I started my night run.&nbsp; It was 11:23pm.&nbsp; I wore my headlamp.&nbsp; There was no moonlight.&nbsp; It wasn&#39;t too long into my run that I noticed my headlamp wasn&#39;t shining as bright as it normally does.&nbsp; Rookie mistake not to change the batteries before the race.&nbsp; I ended up having to take it off my head and hold it in my hand so I could see.&nbsp; Running the yellow loop at night is no fun.&nbsp; Actually running the yellow loop in the day is no fun, but at night it&#39;s very difficult.&nbsp; I slipped, stumbled, and tripped, but never fell down, thank goodness.&nbsp; I only stopped briefly to text Kathy that I had one mile left.&nbsp; Yellow loop really works your muscles.&nbsp; There&#39;s lots of ups and downs.&nbsp; Even though it&#39;s 4.72 miles and doesn&#39;t go as high up as the red loop, there is more overall elevation gain because of all the ups and downs.&nbsp; Kelli says it&#39;s her favorite loop.&nbsp; I remember thinking, despite the imminent danger, it wasn&#39;t too bad.&nbsp; But then there were a couple of places where it was just up, down, up, down, and I thought, &quot;This isn&#39;t cool.&quot; I was 77 seconds per mile slower than last year.</p> <p>After finishing yellow I went back to camp and slept some more.&nbsp; (Actually, before that I saw Kelli again.&nbsp; I told her no more hugs for her because I was dripping wet with sweat.&nbsp; Her friend that she was with gasped in horror with the amount of sweat that I had produced.)&nbsp; When the morning came, it felt even colder.&nbsp; And of course, the wind picks up once the sun comes out.&nbsp; Still, the high was supposed to be 85&ordm;.&nbsp; It was 9:05am when it was my turn to run again.&nbsp; Now was the green loop.&nbsp; The green loop is by far the easiest.&nbsp; The climb is very moderate, almost unnoticeable.&nbsp; There is one quick steep climb right before the street, but that&#39;s it.&nbsp; I remember wishing I had run this leg last year during the day where I could see better, because I believed I could have run it real fast.&nbsp; So I was excited to be able to run it this year in the daylight.&nbsp; And I didn&#39;t feel to bad before running it, but as I got going, I realized I didn&#39;t have much left in my tank.&nbsp; I ran it 61 seconds per mile slower than last year.&nbsp; Oh well.&nbsp; What I remember most was a kid passing me real fast about half a mile in.&nbsp; He was running the red loop.&nbsp; The green loop is a loop within the red loop.&nbsp; They share the same path for the first three quarters of a mile.&nbsp; Then red turns and makes the big climb up the mountain while green continues forward on the gradual incline.&nbsp; The meet back up at the two mile mark and diverge again at the 2.4 mile.&nbsp; Then they meet back up for the final quarter mile right before the timing pad.&nbsp; The kid was wearing a black T-shirt with a giant middle finger on it.&nbsp; I was like, &quot;That&#39;s kind of rude.&quot;&nbsp; But at the same time, it&#39;s kinda funny.&nbsp; Cuz really, what am I gonna do about it?&nbsp; I can&#39;t catch him.&nbsp; Anyway, I saw him charge up the mountain and we parted ways.&nbsp; But of course right before the finish line he caught me again for one last you know what.&nbsp; Ha!&nbsp; As I was making my way into the chute someone was cheering for me.&nbsp; I looked and saw it was my friend Ricci, Josh&#39;s girlfriend.&nbsp; Josh was there, too.&nbsp; Then I heard other people saying, &quot;Great job, Burt!&quot;, but I didn&#39;t know who they were because I was focused on that final hill and not falling.&nbsp; Maybe it was Twinkies and Susie?</p> <p>So, I finished another Ragnar.&nbsp; I was still a little sick, but was grateful that I was able to run at a decent pace the entire time.&nbsp; I had a fun team and had a good time.&nbsp; My wife picked me up and we went to Baskin Robbins to get a Rocky Road milkshake.</p> Sat, 02 Nov 2019 06:00:00 Wed, Oct 30, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-30-2019.html <p>My sore throat is pretty much gone, but now my lungs are starting to gunk up.&nbsp; I hoped that if I tried to run faster today, it would help clear some of it out.&nbsp; Also, I am hoping that some speed work will do good for my race this weekend.&nbsp; I&#39;m going to skip out on a spooky run tomorrow so that I&#39;m fresh for Friday.&nbsp; I actually felt decent while running faster than I have in a long while.&nbsp;</p> <p>It was quite cold for me this morning.&nbsp; My phone said it was 51&ordm;.&nbsp; I almost thought about going back inside and putting on a warmer outfit than the shorts and T-shirt I was wearing.&nbsp; But I did not think about it.&nbsp; :)&nbsp; I know that I warm up pretty quick once I start running, but I wondered if I actually would today.&nbsp; I did.&nbsp; I was looking for coyotes, but I didn&#39;t see any.&nbsp; When I was heading south down the RWCD road, I saw someone walking toward me.&nbsp; Then I was like, &quot;Hey, I know her.&quot;&nbsp; It was my wife.&nbsp; We kissed.&nbsp; Then I got to Adobe and thought I saw a coyote, but it was a dog.&nbsp; When I got to University I saw a lady walking her dog.&nbsp; I was going to step off the sidewalk and run in the street, but she did it first.&nbsp; As I was running by her dog wanted to play with me so she kneed it in the face.&nbsp; Then I headed north on the Floodway path and saw a homeless guy sleeping in a sleeping bag.&nbsp; It&#39;s the same guy I see from time to time.&nbsp; Then I saw two more homeless people laying/sitting up against the wall.&nbsp; I&#39;m pretty sure it was a guy and a lady, but the lady had her head covered with a coat.&nbsp; Then I saw Jeff in his usual spot.&nbsp; He had his head covered with his jacket and was sleeping.&nbsp; I hope.</p> Wed, 30 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 29, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-29-2019.html <p>Seems like every time I do Hilltop my Strava glitches.&nbsp; It&#39;s weird.&nbsp; Anyway, I had a sore throat yesterday, so I didn&#39;t run.&nbsp; I still feel a little sick today, but if I&#39;m going to be able to run this weekend, I need to get a few more runs in.&nbsp; I have been going to Hilltop on Thursdays, but I didn&#39;t want to do it the day before the race, so I did it today.&nbsp; I brought my inhaler with me and ended up taking two puffs of it while running, both on the first ascent.&nbsp; I ran as far as I could until I had to catch my breath.&nbsp; Both times I stopped three times on the way up probably about the same place each time.&nbsp; Hilltop is pretty steep.&nbsp; Much steeper I think than even the yellow loop of the McDowell Trail race.&nbsp; Even though I haven&#39;t been able to run all the way up to the top without stopping, I still feel confident.&nbsp; We&#39;ll see how it goes.</p> Tue, 29 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Sat, Oct 26, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-26-2019.html <p>Today we had me, Vickie, Mike, Glen, and Bryan show up to run Usery.&nbsp; Maggie was sick, so she texted that she couldn&#39;t make it.&nbsp; Bryan drove himself and didn&#39;t get there until right after we started running.&nbsp; It was about 46&ordm; according to Mike&#39;s truck.&nbsp; Everybody was freezing.&nbsp; Except for me.&nbsp; I stay nice and warm underneath this layer of insulation.&nbsp; My fat.&nbsp; My fat is my layer of insulation.&nbsp; Anyway, it was around 5:30am when we started running, so it was still dark out.&nbsp; Vickie was the first to leave.&nbsp; Then I left.&nbsp; Then Mike.&nbsp; Then Glen.&nbsp; Glen said he saw Bryan pull in as he was leaving.&nbsp; Mike passed me right before I passed Vickie.&nbsp; I pinched her behind.&nbsp; Glen caught me after 3/4 of a mile.&nbsp; He ended up running about 9.1 miles.&nbsp; Around the 1.5 mile mark, a couple of cyclists came cruising down.&nbsp; When thye got to me one of them yelled, &quot;Crazy people!&quot;&nbsp; But he said it in a kind voice.&nbsp; I heard him yell it again a few seconds later.&nbsp; I figured he was yelling at my wife.&nbsp; Then I heard him yell it again.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t put two and two together until a little bit later when I heard Bryan&#39;s footsteps behind me.&nbsp; I told him it was good to see him, and I gave him a fist bump.</p> <p>I wasn&#39;t feeling great today.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t sleep well, and I woke up with a sore throat.&nbsp; It was one of those days where the goal is just to run the distance.&nbsp; I have been steadily getting faster each week, but I slowed down considerably today.&nbsp; Mike, on the other hand, was feeling great, and he ran almost 2 minutes per mile faster than me today.&nbsp; He was about 6 tenths of a mile ahead of me when we passed each other, me going up, and him going down.&nbsp; Not long after that I saw Bryan.&nbsp; Bryan never caught Mike, and they only saw each other briefly when they finished.&nbsp; I got to the top and couldn&#39;t see Glen.&nbsp; It was starting to get light out, but I kept my headlamp on for a little more.&nbsp; Maybe three quarters of a mile.&nbsp; Right before I saw my wife.&nbsp; She wasn&#39;t feeling great either, but she did real good.&nbsp; Glen finally caught up to me with one mile to go.&nbsp; Right after he passed me, a cyclist waved at me with his hand high in the air.&nbsp; It was Jay again.&nbsp; I tried to give him a high five, but I was too late.&nbsp; I got down to the bottom and was disappointed to not have seen any horses.&nbsp; But Vickie saw a coyote.&nbsp; We then drove to pick her up.&nbsp; She ended up getting 5.88 miles. So, pretty good.</p> Sat, 26 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Fri, Oct 25, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-25-2019.html <p>My legs are sore from yesterday&#39;s hill work.&nbsp; I was just going to do one loop, but decided to go two.&nbsp; I saw three other runners out including my Strava friend Matt.<br /> &nbsp;</p> Fri, 25 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Thu, Oct 24, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-24-2019.html <p>Not exactly sure on the mileage because Strava glitched.&nbsp; It&#39;s done this twice now, both on top of Hilltop.&nbsp; Maybe because I took a picture?&nbsp; Anyway, today is Friday.&nbsp; I forgot to blog yesterday.&nbsp; And my hamstring was kinda sore all day Tuesday, so I decided to take Wednesday off, even thought it felt fine Wednesday.</p> <p>I decided to try three climbs today on Hilltop.&nbsp; It was quite the workout.&nbsp; It&#39;s a nice steep-ish climb, and it&#39;s perfect for Ragnar trail training.&nbsp; Next week is the race.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 24 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 22, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-22-2019.html <p>I got out the door a little earlier today, so I was ready to run a little longer.&nbsp; My right hamstring is a bit tight.&nbsp;</p> <p>So, I take my dog on a walk every day around 5:30PM - 6PM.&nbsp; Last night I was hoping we&#39;d find the coyotes again that I saw on my run in the morning.&nbsp; We usually go south down the middle of the Floodway.&nbsp; We went north and Herbie was very excited to be exploring something new.&nbsp; As we were going a lady and a kid told us that there was a coyote just up ahead of us.&nbsp; I thanked her and it wasn&#39;t long before we saw it.&nbsp; Of course Herbie wanted to chase it, but knowing that there are two of them, I wasn&#39;t about to let go of the leash.&nbsp; We just watched it for a while, and when it disappeared in the bushes, we cut through the brush on to the east Canal road.&nbsp; There we saw it again.&nbsp; I took three videos of it.&nbsp; One when we were down in the bottom of the Floodway and two on the Canal road.&nbsp; In the second video (all of the videos are posted on Facebook) we decided to get a little closer and chased it back in the bushes again.&nbsp; Then we headed back south toward home and saw it one more time.&nbsp; Only now, it was agitated and started yipping at us.&nbsp; My guess is that they&#39;ve got a litter of pups right close to there and they&#39;re being protective.&nbsp; It&#39;s a real cool video.</p> <p>Anyway, this morning I wanted to see if I could see them again so I ran past there.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t see them.&nbsp; I continued north all the way up to McDowell.&nbsp; It&#39;s about 2.8 miles to McDowell.&nbsp; I turned back south and a half mile later I saw my Strava buddy Michael.&nbsp; I said, &quot;Good morning, Michael!&quot;&nbsp; He said, &quot;Hey, good morning!&nbsp; Lookin&#39; good, Burt!&quot;&nbsp; It was cool.&nbsp; Then a quarter mile later I saw a coyote.&nbsp; This coyote was about a mile north of the ones I saw yesterday.&nbsp; I would assume it wasn&#39;t one of the same ones.&nbsp; It ran over into the orange grove.&nbsp; When I got close I turned the volume all the way up on my phone and played the video of the coyote yipping from last night.&nbsp; I was trying to draw it out.&nbsp; But it was too smart.</p> Tue, 22 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Mon, Oct 21, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-21-2019.html <p>I wanted to do a 6 mile run today, but it was getting kinda late by the time I got out the door.&nbsp; I decided to run up the Floodway to Greenfield Rd. then back down the RWCD Canal to Main St. and home.&nbsp; Turned out to be 4.65 miles.&nbsp; I had a good pace despite the dessert I ate last night.&nbsp; I could feel it, but I think I&#39;m definitely getting faster.&nbsp; After doing the loop from Brown to Greenfield and back to Brown, I could see a lady walking with two little dogs.&nbsp; She all of the sudden turned around and headed back towards Brown.&nbsp; I thought that was an odd place to turn around.&nbsp; Did she forget something?&nbsp; Did she have diarrhea like I did this morning?&nbsp; I said good morning to her and then spotted a coyote up ahead on the Canal road.&nbsp; I said, &quot;Is that a coyote?&quot; (knowing full well that it was.)&nbsp; I just wanted to make conversation.&nbsp; She said yes.&nbsp; Turns out the two coyotes I saw last week are still hanging around.&nbsp; I wonder if they have babies around there somewhere.&nbsp; They seemed like they were being protective.&nbsp; Or maybe they were just hungry.&nbsp; I stopped for a while and took pictures and video.&nbsp; Then I finished my run.</p> Mon, 21 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Sat, Oct 19, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-19-2019.html <p>I sent the text message out yesterday to see who was coming.&nbsp; Mike said he couldn&#39;t come.&nbsp; His dog died this week.&nbsp; I don&#39;t know if that&#39;s why he didn&#39;t come or not.&nbsp; Maybe.&nbsp; Glen said he would need to be back by 7am, and it would be cutting it a little close, so he would let us know.&nbsp; I said we could start at 4:30am if he wanted.&nbsp; Maggie finally responded around 6:30am and said she would as long as my wife was coming.&nbsp; I told her that my wife was feeling better and would be.&nbsp; She was worried about the pizza she was going to eat and how it might make her feel sick.&nbsp; I told her we were having Taco Bell for dinner, so we&#39;d all suffer together.&nbsp; Glen texted back after I had gone to bed to say he wouldn&#39;t make it.&nbsp; So it was just me and the ladies.</p> <p>The last three nights I&#39;ve woken up real early.&nbsp; I woke up around 3am this morning.&nbsp; But that turned out to be a good thing because it gave me plenty of porcelain time, and I needed it after Taco Bell.&nbsp; We told Maggie we would pick her up at 4:45am, but we got there 5 minutes late.&nbsp; We drove out to Usery and I was trying to figure out how many miles I could get in because Maggie also needed to be back by 7am.&nbsp; I figured 6 miles would be about right.</p> <p>Maggie and Vickie got the head start today.&nbsp; I was having trouble getting my LED blinky light to turn on.&nbsp; I had almost given up, but then it came on.&nbsp; I caught up to them shortly after the stop sign.&nbsp; There was a whole slew of cyclists that were coming down right when I passed them and some cars.&nbsp; It was like a traffic jam.&nbsp; Luckily there&#39;s an extra patch of asphalt right there.&nbsp; I was feeling rather good this morning despite the Taco Bell.&nbsp; It was for the first time in a long time a bit cold.&nbsp; I warmed up pretty quick, so it didn&#39;t bother me, but my wife complained that she was freezing the whole time.&nbsp; She and Maggie stayed together and just walked today.&nbsp; Maggie is going through a hard financial crunch right now, and she was unloading on Vickie.&nbsp; I know it&#39;s got to be hard for her.</p> <p>It was dark and hard to see my regular landmarks, but I was pretty sure I knew exactly where I was.&nbsp; But I questioned myself because I was running faster.&nbsp; I was like, &quot;Am I really at 1.7 miles?&quot;&nbsp; I pulled out my Strava and it said 1.7 miles.&nbsp; I think working out my climbing muscles doing Hilltop is really helping.&nbsp; I felt strong all the way up.&nbsp; I knew 3 miles would be shortly after Bulldog so I pulled Strava out and saw that I was at 3.0 miles.&nbsp; I ran a little bit further just in case I stopped before reaching our Jeep or something.&nbsp; Then I crossed the street, texted Vickie to let her know that I was turning around, and took a drink.&nbsp; My water bottle was still over half way frozen.&nbsp; Usually it thaws faster, but with the cooler temps it didn&#39;t.&nbsp; It&#39;s still not melted all the way and it&#39;s 9:30am right now.&nbsp; I headed back down and it felt like I was moving faster than my usual Saturday morning runs.&nbsp; I was in fact.&nbsp; My pace was 26 seconds faster per mile than last week.&nbsp; It wasn&#39;t too long and I could see a couple of shadowy figures ahead of me.&nbsp; I knew it must be Vickie and Maggie.&nbsp; I hoped I could sneak up on them without them hearing me.&nbsp; I caught up to them at 4.4 miles, but they heard me right before I got to them.&nbsp; I still yelled &quot;boo!&quot; and good gamed my wife.&nbsp; I was going to keep running, but she reminded me that she had the keys.&nbsp; So I grabbed them from her and headed down for the final 1.7 miles.&nbsp; There were other runners out today.&nbsp; I think I saw 5 others.&nbsp; Which is a lot.&nbsp; I got down to the Jeep and was disappointed that I didn&#39;t see any wild horses today.&nbsp; But I did see a coyote in the parking lot.&nbsp; I did my best to call it over to me, but it wouldn&#39;t come.&nbsp; Then I drove up the hill and picked up Vickie and Maggie.&nbsp; We got her home by 6:55am.<br /> &nbsp;</p> Sat, 19 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Thu, Oct 17, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-17-2019.html <p>2 climbs up Hilltop again.&nbsp; My wife is part of a bunko group of 12 ladies.&nbsp; So once a year bunko is held at my house.&nbsp; Last night was that once a year.&nbsp; I ended up eating my dinner in my room.&nbsp; Naturally I fell asleep early.&nbsp; My 4 year old grandson was also in bed with me with a fever.&nbsp; Around 1:45am I woke up.&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t get back to sleep for another two, two and a half hours.&nbsp; I finally got out of bed around 7:45am which is the time we wake Emily up.&nbsp; So, no running before getting her on the bus.&nbsp; My wife and I left at 9am and it was a little warm.&nbsp; I think I could have done more than just 2 climbs if we&#39;d gone earlier and it was still cool out.</p> <p>There were a lot of people there as usual.&nbsp; Vickie didn&#39;t want to climb up because she is still not feeling well.&nbsp; I haven&#39;t been able to run all the way up without stopping to catch my breath yet.&nbsp; Maybe next week.&nbsp; On the way down after the first climb almost at the bottom I saw this girl on the road ahead of me taking selfies.&nbsp; I passed her up and stopped at the gate to catch my breath again.&nbsp; She asked me how many times I was going to go up.&nbsp; I said, &quot;I think just twice.&quot;&nbsp; She said, &quot;Don&#39;t say &#39;just&#39; twice.&nbsp; That&#39;s great.&nbsp; Keep up the hard work.&quot;&nbsp; She smelled just like my wife&#39;s best friend, but I thought it would be inappropriate to tell her that.</p> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Wed, Oct 16, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-16-2019.html <p>I&#39;m feeling pretty good.&nbsp; I wanted to do a long run, but I didn&#39;t get outside until late.&nbsp; It actually wasn&#39;t that late, but I thought it was because I&#39;d been up for over an hour.&nbsp; So I did 3 loops.&nbsp; It was just starting to get light out, but still dark when I started.&nbsp; I came into the Floodway and a dog barked at me.&nbsp; The owner said, &quot;He won&#39;t bite.&nbsp; He sees you running and wants to run with you.&quot;&nbsp; I&#39;ve seen this lady and her dog before.&nbsp; I believe that&#39;s the exact same thing she said to me last time.&nbsp; I got to Brown and went over to the RWCD road to head south.&nbsp; Somewhere between Brown and Adobe I came across another runner whom I&#39;d never seen before.&nbsp; I ran down to Main Street, went back over to the Floodway path and headed back north.&nbsp; My pace was pretty good.&nbsp; Well, pretty good for me lately.&nbsp; When I crossed University, I saw Gordon and I patted his head.&nbsp; Then I saw Jeff snoozing with his jacket over his head.&nbsp; The End.</p> Wed, 16 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 15, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-15-2019.html <p>Finally I get to put these shoes to rest.&nbsp; I should&#39;ve stopped wearing them 300 miles ago.&nbsp; Little old lady.&nbsp; I ran two loops this morning in the dark.&nbsp; I was running south down the RWCD road and I heard some music behind me.&nbsp; I glanced back and saw someone.&nbsp; But it was dark, so I couldn&#39;t tell if it was one person, two persons, a person on their bike, or what.&nbsp; Whoever it was, it seemed like they would pass me soon.&nbsp; After running a little bit without being passed, I looked back again.&nbsp; Now I could make out that it was one person and a dog.&nbsp; I kept running and they finally passed me.&nbsp; The man said, &quot;Good morning, Burt.&quot;&nbsp; It was Jesse Lee.&nbsp; I said good morning back and later sent him and his wife a text message that he was a creeper for running in the dark without a light.&nbsp; I&#39;m trying to recruit them to join my Ragnar team.&nbsp; What better way than by calling them creepers?&nbsp; I kept running and Jesse put some some distance between us.&nbsp; Then I could see another form up ahead.&nbsp; Had Jesse reached the fence and turned around?&nbsp; Nope, it&#39;s a man on a bike.&nbsp; And he&#39;s headed right towards me.&nbsp; I was pretty much hugging the edge of the Canal, and he wouldn&#39;t move over.&nbsp; So I completely stopped and practically tippytoed the top of the canal bank so he could ride past.&nbsp; Douche.&nbsp; I kept going and I could see another shadowy figure.&nbsp; Without arms.&nbsp; It was a guy walking with his hands in his pocket.&nbsp; I got to Adobe and could see Jesse running down to his neighborhood.&nbsp; He lives on the other side of the Canal from me.&nbsp; They are the soc&#39;s and we are the greasers.&nbsp; I ran the next loop without seeing any more figures.&nbsp; Other than Jeff snoozing away.</p> Tue, 15 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Mon, Oct 14, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-14-2019.html <p>I just wanted to do a small run today because of how my foot felt after Saturday&#39;s run.&nbsp; Seemed ok today, so I&#39;ll go further tomorrow.&nbsp; I ran past Gordon today.&nbsp; His owner saw me coming and made sure to put him on his leash real quick.&nbsp; I don&#39;t think he needed to do that for me.&nbsp; He probably didn&#39;t realize it was me at the time.&nbsp; Anyway, I got to Brown and started heading back south on the RWCD road when I heard him hollering for Gordon.&nbsp; Apparently Gordon had bolted for the street.&nbsp; But he came back.&nbsp; I continued south and saw two coyotes up ahead.&nbsp; When I got closer the saw me coming so they went over to the bushes.&nbsp; I took some pictures of them.&nbsp; One of them squatted down and took a poo.&nbsp; Honestly.&nbsp; Coyotes have no sense of shame.&nbsp; I tried to get close to them, but they ran away.&nbsp; I looked around to see if Gordon was coming back, but they must&#39;ve turned east on Brown.&nbsp; I watched them for a while until I saw another runner coming.&nbsp; When they got there I pointed them out to him.&nbsp; Then I ran home.</p> Mon, 14 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Sat, Oct 12, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-12-2019.html <p>Glen was out of town.&nbsp; Maggie got back into town late.&nbsp; Vickie was sick.&nbsp; So it was just me and Mike this morning.&nbsp; On the way there we almost hit a big fat skunk.&nbsp; I started out with Mike right behind me.&nbsp; He caught me at about 0.4 miles.&nbsp; I only saw 4 cyclists on the way up.&nbsp; They were all headed downhill.&nbsp; I got to the top and saw that someone had decorated a small saguaro cactus in Halloween decorations.&nbsp; I took a picture and headed back down.&nbsp; This is when all the cyclists came out.&nbsp; They must not be coming out as early anymore due to the colder weather.&nbsp; I mean, why not wait until there&#39;s daylight if it&#39;s gonna be a beautiful day?&nbsp; On the way down I saw two ladies standing on either side of the road.&nbsp; I knew what that meant.&nbsp; Horses.&nbsp; There were probably 10 wild horses, one of them a baby.&nbsp; I took a couple more pictures and finished up.&nbsp; Over the last 6 weeks I&#39;ve gotten faster and faster on this route.&nbsp; I was 8 seconds per mile faster than last week.&nbsp; Last week I was 6 seconds per mile faster than the week prior.&nbsp; The week prior I was 10 seconds faster, which was 12 seconds faster, which was 24 seconds faster than the week previous.&nbsp; The bottom of my right foot hurts now, but hopefully it will get better by Monday.<br /> &nbsp;</p> Sat, 12 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Fri, Oct 11, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-11-2019.html <p>My muscles were real sore this morning.&nbsp; I contemplated doing 3 loops today, but because of how my legs were feeling I was leaning more towards just 2.&nbsp; Plus, I want to be fresh for tomorrow.&nbsp; I figured I would decide while I was running whether or not to go 3.</p> <p>It was dark out.&nbsp; I saw a lady up ahead of me on Adobe walking her dogs.&nbsp; I hoped she would continue straight, but she turned up the Floodway path.&nbsp; I made sure to let her know I was coming when I got close so as to not spook her.&nbsp; I was hoping my legs would loosen up and they finally did after a half mile.&nbsp; When I got to Brown and went over to the Canal road, I saw a boy walking with a skateboard.&nbsp; I told him good morning.&nbsp; Then I could see a light coming up the way.&nbsp; It was another lady walking a dog.&nbsp; So many people out in the dark this morning.&nbsp; Then I could see two more figures down the path.&nbsp; I told them good morning.&nbsp; They said good morning back to me as we passed and that&#39;s when I noticed it was the Ray&#39;s.&nbsp; I said, &quot;Oh hey, Ray&#39;s.&quot;&nbsp; When I got to Adobe I still thought about doing 3 loops, but a quarter of a mile later, my knee started hurting a tad so I decided two would be fine.&nbsp; I came back up the Floodway path and saw Jeff sleeping under his jacket again.&nbsp; It&#39;s kinda getting cold now, so I hope he gets a thicker jacket.&nbsp; It was starting to get light out.&nbsp; Right before I got to Adobe I saw the same lady and her dog again, but she had taken off her headlamp.&nbsp; When I got on Adobe I saw the Ray&#39;s again and wished them a great day.</p> <p>So, our landlord wants to put the house on the market.&nbsp; He offered to sell it to us, but my wife hates it.&nbsp; Seems as though we&#39;ll be moving again shortly.&nbsp; I&#39;ll miss my neighbors and friends and ward and Jeff and my running paths.&nbsp; I hate moving.&nbsp; We do it so often.&nbsp; It would be nice to actually be able to settle down somewhere.&nbsp; Hopefully this is the time.</p> Fri, 11 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Thu, Oct 10, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-10-2019.html <p>I took my wife and we went and hiked Hilltop.&nbsp; She summitted once and I did it twice.&nbsp; My legs are still sore, but as long as I&#39;m getting stronger, it&#39;s all good.</p> Thu, 10 Oct 2019 06:00:00 Wed, Oct 09, 2019 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-09-2019.html <p>Today was kind of a weird day.&nbsp; My legs are more sore than they have been in quite some time.&nbsp; I guess that means I&#39;m getting out of my comfort zone.&nbsp; I normally have cub scouts today in the afternoon, so I was texting the parents of my scouts to see who would be able to make it today.&nbsp; There&#39;s only two boys left.&nbsp; Well, three, but one is real sickly and hasn&#39;t been able to come yet.&nbsp; Another turns 9 this month and he earned his Wolf ages ago.&nbsp; The other is the son of our former Bishop who reminded me that our current Bishop asked that there be no activities during Fall Break.&nbsp; Well, both sets of parents were texting me back early in on my run and since my legs were sore, I stopped to read and respond to them.&nbsp; While I was texting Bishop back I realized that standing across the other side of the Floodway was a man dressed in all red.&nbsp; I was literally pointing right at him so that he might have thought I was taking his picture or something.&nbsp; I finished my texts and looked back over and couldn&#39;t see him.&nbsp; I started running again and went to the other side.&nbsp; I still couldn&#39;t see him anywhere and I started imagining that he had crossed over the Floodway to find out why I was taking pictures of him.&nbsp; I finally saw him about 200 feet south of where he was when I originally saw him.&nbsp; There was a bike laying down where I had seen him.&nbsp; I kept running &#39;til I got to him and saw that he was carrying a medium sized stone in his hand.&nbsp; Did he want to bash me over the head?&nbsp; He looked dirty, like maybe a vagabond.&nbsp; We told each other good morning.&nbsp; I kept going towards Adobe and I saw this older couple walking up the road.&nbsp; I contemplated telling them to be on guard, but I didn&#39;t.&nbsp; Instead I stopped at Adobe and watched to make sure they passed him safely.&nbsp;</p> <p>That was the half way point and my legs were feeling better so I kept going.&nbsp; I ran down to University, left the RWCD road and went back to the Floodway path.&nbsp; It&#39;s been a few days since I&#39;ve been around here and I hadn&#39;t seen Jeff since the last time.&nbsp; I could see his stuff from the RWCD road so I knew he was there.&nbsp; When I got close I saw what looked like a clump of clothes.&nbsp; But that&#39;s weird because he only has one outfit.&nbsp; Then I realized it was him lying down with his jacket over his head.&nbsp; I stopped to see if there was any movement.&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t see any, but he&#39;s a sound sleeper.&nbsp; Still, I guess he could have been dead.&nbsp; I thought about calling for him, but didn&#39;t want to wake him.&nbsp; So I started running again, but shortly thereafter I stopped again because there were all these tents set up behind some bushes on the other side of the path.&nbsp; There was a bicycle and some other stuff.&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t see anyone, but my imagination once again started to create a scenario that the red outfit guy and his crew set up camp here, murdered Jeff, and pulled his coat over his head.</p> Wed, 09 Oct 2019 06:00:00