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Arizona Road Racer's Open Mile March 16th, 2010

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May 12, 2008



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Running Accomplishments:

I started running again in 2007 after 14 years of not running.

Mile - 4:59 (high school 1992), 5:57 (9/21/2010 ARR Open Mile)

2 mile - 11:10 (high school 1992)

5k - 21:54 (11/18/2010 Tempe Road Runners 5k)

10k - 48:29 (5/9/2009 Race for Hospice)

Unofficial 10k - 47:11 (1/27/2011 Red Mountain Park)

1/2 marathon - 1:49:00 (4/4/2009 Havasu Half)

Marathon - 4:33:09 (11/21/2009 Mesquite Marathon)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Run a half marathon in under two hours.

Run a marathon in close to 4 hours.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy long enough to live through the millenium.


I am married and have six kids. 

Blog title explanation

Bloggers I've met in real life: 1MileToGo, Aaron Kennard, Andrea North, Arizona Desert Monsoon, auntieem, Bec, Ben, Benjamin, Bonnie, Camille, Cari, Collin Anderson, David Holt, DooneEight Kid Mom, Erico, Flatlander, Gary, Jake Krong, JamesW, Jose, Josse, Julieesplin, JunKelli, Kerri, KP, Kyle Dion, Lightitup, Little Bad Legs, Lybi, Marthon Dreamer, M, Mary Ann Schauerhamer, Misty, Nan, Peds Endo Doc, Rachelle, RADRhett, Riley Cook, Rossy, runningafterbabies, Sasha, Scott Hughes, Scott (Kelli's husband), Scott Wesemann, Slow Joe, Spencer Simpson, Stephen, Steve Piccolo, Susie, The Rookie, Toby, Tracy, Twinkies, TylerS, Walter

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 74.86 Year: 74.86
Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 Lifetime Miles: 802.53
Asics Gel 3030 Lifetime Miles: 204.85
Saucony Hurricane 13 Lifetime Miles: 149.22
Asics Gel DS Trainer 17 Lifetime Miles: 87.49
Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 Lifetime Miles: 800.59
Brooks Ravenna 4 Lifetime Miles: 88.83
Mizuno X10 Trail Lifetime Miles: 105.76
Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Lifetime Miles: 800.21
Asics Gel Kayano 21 Lifetime Miles: 3.99
Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 (blue) Lifetime Miles: 364.24
New Balance 1260v5 Lifetime Miles: 9.19
Reebok Floatride Lifetime Miles: 8.23
Total Distance
Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 46.18Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 25.44
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

After I finished Ragnar I was done.  I didn't even feel like stretching out properly because hey, I was done.  I should have though.  It would have made the recovery process faster and probably less painful.

I ran three miles today to loosen the legs up.  My right leg hurts the most.  My guitar, I mean hamstring is still real tight.  The calf is pretty sore, too, but getting better.  I stopped and stretched after every mile and made sure to stretch really good when I was done.

Time - 26:56 (avg. pace 8:59)

Splits - 9:11, 8:56, 8:51

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 3.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

I'm not sure why baldnspicy is such a fan of Mr. Rogers.  There may be some kind of connection that draws them together.  Being the playa that he was, I'm not so sure baldnspicy's not one of the many illegitimate children of Mr. Rogers.  See any resemblance?  DNA results pending.

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Today I get to add another name to my Bloggers I've Met in Real Life list.  I'm up in Kingman for my sister's wedding.  I made arrangements to meet up with Kerry.  I planned out a route to run that I used to do a lot in high school, but because Kerry had to go to work early, we just met at his house.  It's probably a good thing we didn't do my route since it's on rocky roads, and it was dark out.  I knew it was going to be cold, but I didn't wear a whole lot more than I usually do.  We fat guys have good insulation.

Kerry's a super nice guy.  It was fun talking to him while we ran.  We kept a nice easy pace, which was good because the elevation was a little higher than I'm used to, and nature started calling around mile 3.  I felt so embarrassed, but I wasn't about to tell Kerry I had to go.  Then with a mile to go it almost became too unbearable.  I finally confided in Kerry about my predicament.  He got a good laugh out of it which helped.  Well, Nan, maybe someday I'll perfect the art of the PAS.  Until then, I'll just enjoy the company and conversation of my fellow bloggers.

Time - 1:07:30

Splits - 8:49, 8:43, 8:30, 8:42, 8:55, 9:29, 9:10, 5:13 for 0.61 (8:33 pace)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 7.61
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

My baby sister got married Saturday.  I don't really know the guy, but he seems nice.  He's got some shoes to fill because yesterday I lost a brother-in-law.  My other sister is now a widow after her husband passed away yesterday finally succumbing to kidney failure brought on by diabetes.  He's been suffering for months, so it's bitter-sweet.  This morning as I ran by the day laborers I couldn't help but think of him.

Rest in peace amigo.

Time - 44:54 (avg. pace 8:01)

Splits - 7:59, 7:59, 8:01, 8:03, 8:07, 4:45 for 0.60 (7:55 pace)


Day 1 P90X - Chest and Back / Ab Ripper X

I've turned into a softy over this last month.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 5.60
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

I'd like to start riding my bike again to work.  The days are getting long enough to where I can, but it's a bit cold.  Plus they're doing construction along the road I usually take, so it would be dangerous for me to ride.  Yesterday I noticed that they finally changed the construction warning sign from ROAR WORK AHEAD to ROAD WORK AHEAD.  You can be sure that every time I drove by I would roll down my window and roar at the workers.

Time - 46:14 (avg. pace 8:14)

Splits - 8:12, 8:08, 8:12, 8:21, 8:19, 5:02 for 0.61 (8:12 pace)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 5.61
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

 It's been a while since I've run home from work, but I'd like to do it more often.  I had a meeting at church at 7pm which meant I'd have to leave work at 4pm.  I dressed lightly, and it was a bit chilly.  (Is that okay to say?)  Apparently people who live in Arizona aren't allowed to say it was cold.  Anyway, I knew I'd warm up soon enough. 

I took it easy as I've learned to do on my long runs.  As always, the last half of the run was tough.  I know I'm going uphill, very slightly, but still.  When I got to mile 11 I ran out of Gatorade.  I was less than 4 miles away, but I had been sweating a lot, and I was thirsty.  I called my wife to have her bring me some water.  She was on her way to drop my son off at his youth activity, so after a while I called her back and told her I would get some water at Chick-fil-A.  I filled up my water bottle trying to stay as far away from people as I could because I get pretty stinky after that much running.  When I got a mile and a half away from home my wife called me to ask where I was.  I could see her at the Circle K/day laborer intersection.  She was bringing me water for which I was grateful because I had already almost finished all of mine.

Then she followed me home taking pictures.




This is where I cut through the golf course.

Time - 2:12:08 (avg. pace 9:07)

Splits - 8:26, 8:17, 8:41, 8:50, 8:59, 9:05, 9:07, 9:11, 9:13, 9:11, 9:10, 9:46, 9:35, 1.07 for 0.10.  I stopped my Garmin here so I could see my time for a half marathon. 1:58:35.  Then 9:26, and 4:06 for 0.40.

The horizontal vertical scale is over-exaggerated, but it definitely shows there is a 100 foot climb after mile 6.  Hardly noticeable, but it's there.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 14.50
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Ay, mis nalgas!  Since I left my truck at work yesterday when I ran home, I either had to hitch a ride with my coworker or ride a bike.  I opted to take my son's mountain bike.  The nice thing was that I could ride on the dirt road along the railroad track and cut off 2.5 miles from my regular bike commute.  The not so nice thing was that I was riding on a dirt road along the railroad track without a seat cushion.  Also, the seat loosened up before the halfway point and started doing the up-down-won't-stay-in-one-place thing.  Not fun.  It took me 97 minutes to get to work.  That's only 35 minutes faster than it took me to run home.

I've decided to convert my bike miles into running miles this year since everyone else does.  I think my effort was equivalent to 13 minute miles running.  Tell me if you think that's lame.

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Abby's birthday!  Too bad mommy wasn't even in the country for it.  Instead she was in the murder capital of the world.  Why is it that when my wife goes somewhere, I hear on the news that Americans should avoid that place at all costs?  She went to go get my sister from Juarez Mexico.  Thank goodness she didn't get murdered.  Wait a minute.  Maybe she's the one killing everyone.  Hence, the answer to my question.

Weight: 0.00
Race: Arizona Road Racer's Open Mile March 16th, 2010 (1 Miles) 00:06:24, Place overall: 17
Total Distance

AM Workout

Time - 22:11 (avg. pace 7:24)

Splits - 7:30, 6:34, 8:07


Tonight was another open mile put on by the Arizona Road Racers.  I love free races.  They started the first mile at 6:30pm and another one ten minutes after the last person finishes. 

The last place finisher was a nice guy.  I met him before the race.  He' almost 69.  Back in his day he could run a 16 minute 5k.  He told me the guy that sold him his first pair of racing flats was a silver medalist at the 1908 Olympics.  Anyway, now he has a hereditary debilitating disease which has caused him to lose a lot of speed over the last couple of years.  He was shooting for a 10:20, but I think he got a 9:40.

My wife got back in town, but decided to take all my sister's stuff up to Kingman tonight.  So I told her to stop at SCC on her way out of town to watch me.  She got there just before the first race started.  It was nice to have her there because I haven't kissed her in soooo long.

I did a half mile warm up and a couple hundred yards worth of strides.  I stretched out really good because my right leg felt really tight and my knee was hurting.  Then it was time for the race.  There was about 35 people running.  I decided to start out easy and try and pick it up at the end.  It was nice not to have my shorts falling off this time.  When I finished the third lap in 4:52, I was happy that no one had lapped me.  My time was 6:24.  For much of the race I was not running on the inside lane.  My Garmin measured 1.04 miles.  I don't think it's calibrated right because 0.04 miles seems like a lot to be off by even if I wasn't hugging the inside.  By Garmin I ran the mile in 6:13.  Guess I have to go with the official results.

I wasn't sure that I wanted to do the second mile, and I was happy for my uncertainty because that meant I ran hard.  But I decided to not wimp out and went for it.  My next mile was 6:43.  Garmin measured this one as 1.02 miles, and I made a conscious effort to hug the inside better.  My time per Garmin was 6:35.

I was hoping for sub 6:20, but I haven't done a lot of running the last two weeks, and zero speed work.  So, I'm happy with my effort.  Now it's time to start training for my upcoming 10k trail race.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 3.00Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 2.71
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

I went on a nice little jog with Ginger this morning. 

Time - 31:27 (avg. pace 8:44)

Splits - 8:31, 8:49, 8:48, 5:19 for 0.60 (8:52 pace)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 3.60
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Last night I took my wife out on a date.  There's this quaint little steak house down the street from us, but it was jammed packed.  There was a band playing there or something.  So we kept driving and found a mexican restaurant called Mexican Restaurant.  We ate there, and it was good.  Not great.  Authentic.  Maybe a little too authentic.  Then we get a text from my sister that my two youngest are throwing up.  So we were up late with them.  This morning I was supposed to run with Bruce RUN2DAY.  I thought about calling and canceling especially when I woke up with a bad case of Don Pedro's indigestion.  But I went anyway.  RUN2DAY said he was aching in every muscle of his body because he spent all yesterday laying pavers in his backyard.  Nonetheless we ran a 7:44 pace.  We talked about the crazy results that just came out for Ragnar.  He felt like his team should have won their division, so their captain is going to protest.  Anyway, he decided not to run the LA marathon today.  He's going to concentrate on the San Diego one.  I wish him well.

Time - 42:58 (avg. pace 7:44)

Splits - 7:43, 7:44, 7:40, 7:43, 7:52, 4:17 for 0.56 (7:39 pace)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 5.56
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Today I wanted to see if I could run my first two miles at a 7 minute pace.  I did, and it seemed kind of easy.  I stopped and stretched after the first two even though I felt like I could have kept going.  I'm sure if I was running a 5k this morning I would have PR'ed.  I started running again nice and easy.  Right at the 3 mile mark I got a big cramp under my right butt cheek.  I don't think it was a twang, but I stopped again and stretched.  I decided to not run the full loop I usually do but cut it short.  I was about to stop and stretch again, but I saw my neighbor and didn't want her to see me stop.  After she was gone I stretched one more time and ran home.

Time - 34:47 (ave. pace 7:44)

Splits - 7:02, 6:53, 7:57, 8:27, 4:29 for 0.5 (8:57 pace)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 4.50
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Whip Thain Filkin!  I made the decision to forego my planned 5.6 mile easy run and ride the mountain bike to work instead.  But guess what.  It's raining!  I'm so mad at mother nature I could kick her in the ovarian cyst!

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Not a cloud in the sky this morning.  Mother Nature learned her lesson.  I ran the same loop as I did last time for the same reason.  My leg started to hurt again in the same spot.  Both spots.  The same spot in my leg and the same spot I was running at. 

Time - 36:13 (avg. pace 8:01)

Splits - 8:01, 8:07, 7:05, 8:32, 4:29 for 0.51 (8:42 pace)

Today I would like to spotlight fellow blogger Teena.  I know most of the runners on this blog aren't big UFC fans so you probably don't know this, but Teena is a very well rounded mixed martial artist.  She may be small, but I wouldn't mess with her.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 4.51
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Two easy miles just to stay loose for the race tomorrow.  I hope my hamstring holds out.

Time - 16:39 (avg. pace 8:20)

Splits - 8:17, 8:22

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 2.00
Weight: 0.00
Race: 2010 Measure of Love 10k Trail Race (6.2 Miles) 00:49:54, Place overall: 15, Place in age division: 10
Total Distance

That was harder than I thought it was going to be.  But it was fun.  My friend Doug that I went to high school with was coming into town this week for work related training.  Doug didn't run track or cross country in high school.  I caught up with him about three years ago on MySpace and saw that he had gotten into running.  It's been interesting to watch his progress over the last three years.  He's gotten very fast.  He's also big into P90X.  Anything you might need P90X-wise, he can hook you up.

With him coming to town, we looked to see if there were any races we could do.  I found the Measure of Love 10k Trail Race on Active.com.  $20 for a 10k?  I'm there.  This race is a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale.  With the nice technical T-shirt we got and the small number of participants, I don't know how they make any money.  Sponsors, donations, and volunteers, I guess.  Anyhoo...

We were some of the first people to get there.  The race had a friendly staff.  There was no chip timing, no mile markers after the 2nd mile, no cups at the drink stations, no age division awards, but who cares?  I knew it was a small race going into it.  There were 111 runners that finished.  Since we got there early, they asked what time we wanted to start.  It's a trail race, and the trail's not very wide.  So to avoid congestion, they staggered the start in  three waves.  Naturally, we chose the first wave.

I'm living by a new rule.  That is; not to be bashful about lining up front when everyone else is.  So Doug and I lined up right in front with a couple of other guys.  We just wanted some camera time.  The bad thing was I felt obligated to start off fast.  And I think I started off way too fast.  I hit the first mile in 7:08.  There were some rolling hills, bumps rather, and some sandy washes.  I was in 9th place, but soon started getting passed. 

The second mile was in 7:51 with a small hill.  The next mile was 8:24.  2.6 is where the real hill started.  I underestimated it.  It's a looped course, so I figured there's got to be the same amount of uphill as downhill.

But the uphills are longer, and the downhills are shorter.  I kind of wish it was the other way around.  It was all I could do just to keep running.  But people were really catching me on the uphills.  Not so much on the downhill.

Mile 4 was 8:28.  I was finally getting out of the tougher climbs.  Mile 5 was 7:46.  Looking at the profile, you might think it should have been way faster.  But there was a lot of rocks.  You had to calculate and carefully place each step.  I was thinking, "What would Twinkies be doing right now?  Oh yeah.  He's running a 50-mile race!"  So, that didn't help.

At the bottom of the hill I was passed again for the last time.  I knew beforehand that the last 1.2 miles was uphill.  Unfortunately, I was spent and could not make a move.  I had about three people in my sights and just couldn't make up any ground on them.  At least I gave it everything I had.  Mile 6 was 8:46 and the last 0.2 miles was 1:34.

The Cardinals mascot, Big Red, was there to give us five as we crossed the finish line.  Doug finished in 45:50, 5th male and 6th overall.  I finished in 49:54, 10th male and 15th overall.

My Ragnar teammates Michael and Corena also ran.  They did good and had a fun time.  There was a dog leg on the course, so I got to slap Michael a high five as he and Corena started with the second wave.

Since they only gave awards out to the top three male and female finishers, we took off.  You better believe I celebrated with a root beer float.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 7.20
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

My crummy leg is really bothering me.  I'll be playing an old timey song for RAD.  Any requests?  Doug and I did the recovery week workout of Insanity Saturday night.  Recovery??!!  It was insane!

I took it nice and easy this morning.  I went a way I'm not used to going and made a wrong turn.  So then I cut through the golf course, and I think I made some golfers mad because they stopped and waited for me to go by.

I hate golf.

Time - 19:41 (avg. pace 8:53)

Splits - 9:01, 8:45, 1:56 for 0.22 (8:56 pace)

Kelli was bummed that she took a picture of Matt and Scott at the Riverton Half, but didn't get their heads in the picture.  Luckily I was there to take the shot.  I'm such a better photographer than she is.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 2.22
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

AM Workout

P90X - Chest and back.

I saw an article on Active.com about proper angry motorist etiquette.

"I understand the impulse when a driver has just pulled out in front of you or turned directly in your path or otherwise behaved like a jerk. I know how much you'd love to slap the trunk of that driver's car, or shout at the person behind the wheel, helpfully suggesting that he or she "learn to drive." Or extend a certain digit in a certain direction. Do yourself — and all runners — a favor and fight that impulse. Smile. Your lashing out isn't likely to change the driver's behavior, and may, in fact, worsen it. For all you know, the still-seething guy may drive extra close to the next runner he sees, just to make a point. Let him go."

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

AM Workout

Ab Ripper X/ Plyometrics

I was real careful not to bend and squat too far down to aggravate my hamstring.  It was still a good workout because the sweat levels were sky high.

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance
Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 White/Classic Blue/Raven Miles: 46.18Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 Silver/Old Gold/Phantom Miles: 25.44
Weight: 0.00
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